Wednesday Wardrobe: The Houndstooth Cardigan

Wednesday Wardrobe: The Houndstooth Cardigan

Houndstooth Cardigan featured in Just Seventeen Magazine, November 1987

This Just Seventeen fashion shot could have been my inspiration to get one of these houndstooth cardigans but actually it took me two years to get mine!!! How behind the times I was! But I remember that cardy well and remember just how much I changed in a very short space of time!

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Houndstooth cardigan 1989

Me proudly donning my houndstooth cardigan and self-painted jeans in ‘puffy’ fabric paint, with blue Converse hi-tops, on holiday in France with my baby brother, 1989.

Houndtooth cardigan and baggy mum jeans, 1989

Later in 1989, still in the houndstooth cardy with baggy mum jeans and some dodgy (probably Barratts!) timberland-style boots, with a close friend ❤ from school at sleep-over with another friend’s new Labrador, or ‘Andrex’ puppy as we used to call them. Happy times 🐶🐾

Between these two photos, I can sense such a change in my demeanour from child to teen, over the course of a few months. I can recall how I felt in both photos and how, in the second photo, I was starting to enter the world of adult feelings with the longing to do more grown-up things! 🧣


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