Tuesday Time Capsule: The Cure Wish Tour Memorabilia

Tuesday Time Capsule: The Cure Wish Tour Memorabilia

Wow! I can’t believe I went to see The Cure in concert! Although, funnily enough it felt very late in the day to see them as their Wish album felt very poppy to me in my great wisdom, in 1992! Not like the Disintegration days at all!!!

The Cure Wish Tour Concert Ticket, November 1992

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That day, I went to central London in the afternoon to try to buy a ticket for the concert but frantically dashing from one box office to the next, I was repeatedly told that all the tickets were sold out. I was devastated and in tears. My ex-boyfriend, who I was going to the concert with, was already on his way there and was going to meet me at the venue. It was getting later and later and I didn’t know what to do. The concert was about to start, I hadn’t even started my journey there yet and I didn’t have a ticket. I decided to make my way there in the hopes that I might find a tout to buy one from. When I arrived at the Olympia Grand Hall in Hammersmith, I knew The Cure had already started and I had no idea where my ex-boyfriend was. Unbeknownst to me, there were plenty of tickets left at the venue ticket office and I was greeted at the door by my ex, who had kindly waited for me, also missing the first few songs himself (bless his heart!!!❤). I was in a bit of a state but I got my ticket, my programme and my one-size-fits-all enormous t-shirt and we made it into the concert and had a wicked time! 

The Cure Wish Tour Memorabilia 1992

The Cure Wish Tour Programme Front Cover, 1992
The Cure Wish Tour Programme Back Cover, 1992
The Cure Wish Tour Flyer advertising how to purchase copies of the live show on VHS and audio, I’m guessing cassette tape, 1992

Yes, I did colour this flyer in myself , at the time, and I think I did a pretty good job actually! Skilz 👍🎨

The Cure Wish Tour Pendant, 1992

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