Monday Memory Box: My Beloved Walkman!

Monday Memory Box: My Beloved Walkman!

My Toshiba Walkman and Now 15 Album

This is my Toshiba Walkman which I used in the late ’80s/early ’90s in my early teens. I loved its various cool features, such as ‘continuous play’ where it could play the A and B sides of the cassette round and round until the batteries ran out!

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Also loved the three bars on the front, though they really didn’t seem to make any difference to anything! 😄 This was a significant upgrade from my previous model model where you had to take out the cassette and flip it over. So eighties! I bought it from Argos at the local shopping centre with my Christmas money and saved-up pocket money. Many of my manually-recorded mix tapes were enjoyed on this baby! Happy dayz!

Enjoy the video at my Instagram: @my80s90sdiary

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