Experiences of a ’90s Teen

Experiences of a ’90s Teen

A Short Story of a ’90s Teen, Told in Authentic Photographs.

This video tells a short story from the early 1990s, when I had my first meaningful romantic relationships. It is a period of my life I look back on with fondness. The two guys featured in the video were, and still are, wonderful people. They were kind to me then and continue to mean a lot to me, to this day. I feel privileged to have known them and am grateful that they touched my life.

Following recently creating a similar ‘video photo album’ (aka: short story told in photographs) for my brother’s birthday, which I found I enjoyed far too much, I decided to make my own.

When I look back at this period of my life, this all happened in quite a short space of time, but these felt like very distinct and completely separate periods, occurring over probably 3-4 years. There were many emotional ups and downs over this time, though mostly related to other people and other factors.

The early ‘90s was an exhilarating period of my life, when I took my first steps on a journey from painfully shy to developing confidence and understanding of people and the world I lived in.

I was lucky to have met these two guys at that time, who taught me much about passion, love, affection, romance, music and fashion. They moved on with their lives and I moved on with mine, but I consider them both to be great friends, to this day.

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