Diary Entries December 1988 to February 1989

Diary Entries December 1988 to February 1989

5th February 1989~Last Entry in this Diary

Did most of my English essay out in rough yesterday so but I have finished today and my Miss O work. Dad bought me this really nice green and white whatch to wear until my Winnie the pooh watch is ready. It’s 11:10 so I must go nit, nite. I hung round with [my brother’s] poseie. R loves A. ‘I’m a mental depressionist, That’s me’ [part of a poem I wrote at the time!]. I was presented with my sewing medal today. It’s really nice. [Well this really is an insight into the mind of a young teen! What a complex little fish I was!]

This was my last entry into this particular diary but there is much more to come! I will give a heads-up on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter when I start posting new diary entries here from my teens in the ’80s and ’90s.

27th January 1989

We had our BCGs today. They didn’t hurt at all 🙆‍♀️ but I thought she would never stop pushing it in my arm 😮. [All those weeks of misery over a jab that never hurt at all. Jeez, what a waste of life 😩. I was going on about it since Christmas Eve!]

26th January 1989

We’ve got our BCGs tomorrow but I’m sure they won’t hurt [won’t hurt, won’t hurt, definitely won’t hurt 💉😱]. But the thing I’m afraid of is [my friend]. She always comes out screaming her head off and that’s when I start 💩ing myself. [So that’s how I developed my fear of needles!! 😲]

25th January 1989

Had no P.E. because Miss C wasn’t in. I left my P.E. kit in the sweet shop on the way to school this morning [Lucky coincidence for you, girl!]. I wore nail varnish to school today and no teachers noticed [This day gets better by the hour 😃].  We’ve got a history test next week👎. I did lots of revision today👍. [What a roller-coaster of a day that was.]

24th January 1989

I scratched myself yesterday because my nails are too sharp. [That New Year’s Resolution is is really paying off then 😂] They have grown a lot but some have broken. I have put nail varnish – a horrible pink on them and I’m not aloud to where nail varnish to school [Jeez, what was my spelling? 😳]. I had Miss O today. She was OK because I answered some questions. We’re doing cooking next week. In oboe lessons, Miss F said I was very good at duets, I sight read two today [Whoop! 🤘].

23rd January 1989

I went to Miss M’s. I have just found out that [my friend] is ill. She has been having tummy trouble. I hate [?] and [?] because they always get the first choice in every experiment in science all there ones work. [There’s that inferiority complex rearing its ugly head again! 😱]

21st January 1989

I stayed in accept go to mass and do lots of homework. [Jeez, these past two days…🙄]

20th January 1989

It’s Saturday Friday. I can’t remember what I did what I did as I lost my diary [oh dear : life 😑]. Had BCG skin test.

19th January 1989

I am very tired because I have been having late nights. I think we are going to have our BCGs today but I know it will not hurt. I mean think what Jesus had to go through!! [You’ve nailed this self-talk, girl] My Geography was O.K. although [my friend] was not in. She went to the pantomime [lucky cow!], [My baby brother] is my weight when I was born today 8, 11 I think. I hate [?] and [?] because they think they are so big and the heads of the class although I am the prefect [😒no inferiority complex there, then! 😅]. I’ve lost my rough book. Huh! [Not much of a prefect then, are you? 🤨]

18th January 1989

At school Miss C hit me really hard with a hockey stick on the chin. She didn’t even say sorry although it was by accident.

17th January 1989

I got the (my nails are very long) rough books today then I found out that I had no signiture on it. No wait. I’ll tell you the whole story. Yesterday I bought a chocolate dessert to school and it somehow opened and went all over my bag + books so [my friend] + I wiped it off. It looked really like pooh. Especially as we wiped it off with school crappy, plastic toilet paper – ‘council property’. Anyway, my rough book got covered in it and I can’t use it. It stinks. So I got an old rough book and got it signed by Miss C in the end. So now I’m alright. [Wow these stories are really going somewhere]. I remember last year I came home in tears because Miss O – Cow!!! I had Miss O today. She didn’t even give me a mark for my 11 ½ page homework. Huh – stupid cow 🐄

16th January 1989

I had an O.K. day today. Got C+ from Miss [🙊] C when she said that we didn’t write enough + I did 1 ½ pages for each Question. I think I’m in love with [?]. I don’t want him to leave. Although I didn’t think I was in love before and I am to shy to say anything.

15th January 1989

Sunday today. It was a great day today. I went a 8:30 to the church hall with [my older sister] + [her friend] and we did all the stuff for the coffee morning after the 9:30 mass. We have just taken over from the old women that used to do it, C and co. Then at 2:00 we got out some more food and cakes for the Hanicappd mass people [I think that was the politically correct term back in the day 😬] that go to the 3:00 mass every month. It was really brill. I’ve done my oboe practice but I can’t play Eb [flat]. It’s 10:05 and I am in bed. That’s very good for me. Oh yeah I had a bath and hairwash [clearly worthy of note!]. [My middle brother] has called his skateboard [my name] because all skateboards have to have a name. I’m very proud to have a skateboard named after me. I will talk about that tomorrow on the way to school tomorrow with [my friend][Lucky her 👍]. We are doing a project on China and Japeneze things in Art.

14th January 1989

OMG what a total angel my baby bro was!!! 💖👣 He’s 31 years old now btw

I went to the [shopping centre] and bought a blue P.E. skirt because our P.E. skirt has changed from green to blue and [my friend] lost mine anyway. Mum bought some jumpers/sweaters. I must do lots of violin and loads of oboe practice. [My baby brother] looks really grown up. His face has grown longer. My Winnie the Pooh watch has stopped and its less than a month since I bought it [holy crap!!! 😱]. The woman got it out of the window in the shop when the battery had nearly gone down totally [😒].

13th January 1989

My sister and I doting our baby brother 😍, who was later diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome.

It’s Friday the 13th but I don’t believe in any thing going wrong and nothing did. We’re growing beans in Science. In R.E. I got a good chance to tell everybody that [my baby brother] had Down’s Syndrome just in case they met him and now everybody knows. I am glad. [I couldn’t care less if my brother had Down’s Syndrome or not. I adored him 😍 with every morsel of my heart and couldn’t have been happier to have a baby brother at last, (I’d been the baby of the family for way too long!) however, I thought that people would feel awkward about him having ‘a disability’ and not know what to say. I don’t recall worrying about it any more after that day. 😁]

12th January 1989

I am in the middle of an R.E. lesson, and we doing a sheet about Conscience. [Well how very ironic, you rebel student!]

11th January 1989

I was up at 11:30 doing crappy Miss O’s work. I did all 11 ½ sides on her stupid sheets and if it wasn’t for [my middle brother] I would have been up until at least 12:00. He coloured in my picture. Day was O.K. People mostly sat down when I told them to. We had Hockey in stead of badminton which I wanted to do (badminton). But it was O.K.

10th January 1989

Boring normal day at school. Had Miss O for a triple lesson. AHHHHHH! I was [🙊] myself when I walked in and I was prefect plus [the other girl]. The lesson wasn’t bad because she was OK. I think she likes second years. My nails are growing quite long. I must remember to bring in my apron next week.

9th January 1989

‘Neighbours’ was really stupid. Lucy is going blind and keeps dropping things. When Scott woke her up she didn’t wake up. I MAKE NO SENCE. School was just boring as usual. We are having our BCGs soon [😱].

8th January 1989

Happy Birthday to [my older sister] from me. I got her some wow squigy Madgic pens OOOH, a box of jelly fruits and a little badge saying [her name] on it. We couldn’t do the vidio as it was raining but I [my friend] and [her mum] went to H and C’s [friends of friends]. It was really good fun. They’ve got loads of Lego. They are quite rich but are not at all spoilled tempered. They are really nice and I had a great day. [What a madgic day I had! 👍✨]

7th January 1989

[My older sister] slept in my room last night but I went to sleep ages before her. I organised a vidio for tomorrow with [a friend] to film [my sister] and us because it is her birthday but if it is raining we can’t do it. I haven’t done a lot of practice for my instruments.

6th January 1989

Have quite a good day prefecting. People in my class keep saying ‘I voted for you’. After lunch at 1.05 we had double maths in the physics labs but our teacher Miss D didn’t come. So at 1.15 [a friend, the other prefect] and I went down to the staff room to get her. As we walked to the door Miss S said “Oh, won’t you stop knocking on that door and give us a rest? What a [oops!]. I hate Miss Crappy S. Miss wasn’t there so we waited some more then came down to Miss F’s office where we met Miss S at 1:30 who told us that we had appartently been told 3 times that we had double lunch which we were not told once. So we missed our double lunch huh! All the rest of the day was OK. It is now 1:55 a.m. [Jeez what was up with my sleeping habits?]

5th January 1989

Yippee! At Last. OH FAB! YAHOO! SUB PREFECT at last! I having been wanting to be a sub-prefect ever since I have been in the school and now I have been voted for. [Set your sights high girl!] Nearly every body voted for [a friend in my class] and lots of people voted for me. Because we had to vote for 2 people each. [Another friend ] sounds jealous but she didn’t say anything. We’ve got a new French teacher Miss D I think she’s O.K. but a good teacher. I got up late today. But I got up later yesterday. I can nearly tell the time without hesitating on my new Winnie the Pooh watch [I was ahead of my time!⌚]. Pickle [our cat] is looking at me from the end of my bed in a sour way. Night Night.

1st January 1989

Happy new year. I haven’t done any homework. Although I was going to start it today. I keep putting ‘Stop n grow’ on my nails to stop me biting my nails. It’s working but my nails haven’t grown yet. It says that it takes 3 weeks. New years resolution STOP BITING NAILS. School in 2 days AHHH! I went to Leeds castle today. It was really great. With [my friend], her mum and this geeser and a lady who was really sweet [random people I spent time with, evidently]. We went on a treasure hunt which was good fun. I bought some pigs all in different positions and a badge for [my older sister]’s birthday.

Animal figures ‘in different positions’ I collected in the 1980s (referred to in the diary)

31st December 1988

Went to [family friends] house at 8:30 and mucked around. I think X really fancies me. [Oh me life!😬]

30th December 1988

I can’t remember. I can’t remember what happened as I am writing this late. [Why did I bother writing that? 🤔 but it was obviously a memorable day!]

29th December 1988

I am at the Guys Hospital dentist deppartment with [my older sister] although she didn’t tell me that she was going there HUH! -My brace has broken ho hum- (signed: [my sister]). Anyway, as I was saying. We are here and we are going to buy some stuff with our Christmas moneys. I’m going to buy a watch but I forgot to Look at the magazine to find out where it was in Biggo London. I’m going to look at some shops around. This morning [my friend’s mum] came round to give my [baby brother] a nail clipper ? and she said to me that H and C [friends of friends] want me to go to their house. Ho Ho. Wicked fun. I didn’t know they liked me. But I liked them. They’re wicked fun. Went to [central] London and bought some buttons from the button box [a shop]. Bought oboe books and a really nice Winnie the Pooh watch like this [see drawing in diary]. HEE! Bought a really sweet tiger made of china from a little stall for 50p. I am going to [the shopping centre] to change my office set. My watch is brill. I love it. Played with [my baby brother] and fed him. He drank every tiny bit accept one drop. He fell asleep. Played Monopoly with [my older sister]. She won by about £10000000000000 but let me keep £1 all the time. [~Jeez I’m getting sick of always losing at these board games!!!] She wants to give up now. And I am writing this. [My older sister] read my diary earlier today. I let her read it. I’m tired. I brought my office set to WHSmith and this dreary stupid woman placidly walked at ½ mile an hour to the cupboard to find no new office sets. HUH! OH dear, I sat on my ‘Boys’ single and broke it in half. OOPS! I’m a record breaker [I think I won an award for that joke].

28th December 1988

Woke up at about 10.00 a.m. and mucked about. Thought I’d phone up [another friend] to ask her over but I didn’t went to Grandmas to take her back. On the way I bought two little Goldfish for 60p each because Miss Delany – one of my Golden Minnoes died. Played monopoly which [my friend] and [my middle brother] and guess who won. Dur….I can’t guess. It was [my middle brother] as if you didn’t know.

1988/1990 Rocking that mum Jeans look
~messed up photo taken on 35mm film

27th December 1988

Woke up at 2.15pm after going to bed at 2.30am went up to [our friends house] with [a friend] because it was her grandparents anniversary. She made them a card champayne bottle and put a little poem on some rolled up paper. Had 2 tangerines and rice turkey thingys. Went up to my house and played monopoly with [my friend] and [my older sister]. Then I was forced to play a nasty game of 40,40 in the dark [in our friend’s garden😱🏃‍♀️].

26th December 1988 Boxing Day!

Boxing Day. First – on Christmas eve we went to the procession to the church on the Heath. After it, [my middle brother and two of our friends] and I, bought a load of sweets and buiscuits and stuff from Sheperds [a shop] and sat on a bench, eating and saying ‘Merry Christmas’ to passers by. We played Trivial Pursuit all boxing day evening after we went to the fair which was brill because we went on loads a stuffs which were really bad and nasty. [What an outrageous day I had!!!!😮🎢🎡]

25th December 1988 Christmas Day!

What a dismal day, but with nice preasees (presents). We went to the midnight mass and came back at about 1.30-2ish after having mince pies at the end of the mass. I woke up at 7:00ish then went back to bed then I woke up at about 9:00 and we could open our sweeties presents. OOH! Grandma finally woke up and we couldn’t open any presents ‘cause [my older sister] was at mass because she didn’t serve at the midnight mass then she came back and we opened them. [My baby brother] got loads a toys. I got a big 40 quid from my littoo mummy and daddy and a fiva from [my cousins]. Grandma gave us all a quid each but forgot to put one in mine, but we didn’t want to hasle her so [my middle brother] said “OH, here it is”. And gave me his. AHH! Had Christmas lunch. Boring, got a yellow bead nicklace in my wonderful cracker. OOH. My present from [my older sister] was a pocket office set. I really wanted it, but on the first day – today the scissors broke.

24th December 1988

Help, it is Christmas and I’m serving in the midnight mass. It always goes wrong somehow even though it is really easy. I can’t wait til Christmas. Yippee! I can’t believe that it is Christmas tomorrow. I haven’t got the Christmas spirit at all. Oh no, I’ve just remembered I’m having my BCG in Jan. AHHHHHH! I’m listening to Michael J’s ‘Bad’ tape, ‘Liberian Girl’ and it says ‘Nokatokapia’. How weird!!! Merry Christmas for tomorrow.

23rd December 1988

I decorated my fish tanks and gerbil cage with tinsel and lights. [Exciting times]

17th December 1988

Went to [central] London with [my older sister]. Bought presents for peeps + one for [blanked out name] because she’s the school weirdo [terrible terminology but good intentions!] Went to Neal Street East. I’ve got a cough and felt I was going to die all day. [My older sister] bought a little teddy for [our baby brother who had been born in early December] for Christmas. We both bought little crappy things [nothing much changes!]. Dad’s got this really cute book, for Christmas, about body building from [my older sister]. Pickle [the cat] dislikes [my baby brother] because he kicks around all the time. Made Christmas tree decorations with rice paper. Put icing on to make features and everything. [My baby brother] was really cute today as always and I read him my poems from the back of this book.

My baby bro was born early December 1988: At the hospital

My baby brother was born in early December 1988. He was the best Christmas present I could have asked for! But I’m loving that collared sweater and baggy jeans look!

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