My brother (left) and me (right) on the climbing frame in our garden, 1980

As soon as I could climb, that climbing frame was where I spent many of my early days. The reason that ladder-type thing looks so weird is because, back in the ’80s, people used to make-do with what they had to create new items. That ladder doubled up as a sledge in winter, don’t you know. My dad attached a plank of wood for a seat and a piece of washing line for reins and whoosh-off we went! And it did go too! 🌠 Those were the days…

But that cat jumper that my brother is wearing! 😻 I had cat jumper-envy until that jumper became mine! This picture contains so much understated nostalgia for me ~ that 2-litre ice cream tub under the climbing frame! 😄 The industrial-sized ice cream tub had many-a-use in the 1980s. When I was a bit older, my favourite use was to fill it with penny sweet rations to eat on the journey to a family holiday destination, whilst singing, ‘We’re all going on a summer holiday’. Who knows what we had filled it with that day? Oh and those hair-do’s…


Me at Horse Riding, 1982

Loving the cagoule life! We lived in these pac-a-macs in the ’80s. They were the perfect antidote to the unpredictable wet English weather💧☂. I received riding lessons as a 6th birthday present and absolutely loved them. Though that horse looks a little on the large size for tiny me!


A friend’s birthday party, 1983

I don’t know how to explain that outfit 😳. But that was my first holy communion dress, that’s all I know. Outside of school, where in the UK, we wear a school uniform, it was probably the only dress I wore that decade!😅 #tomboy


When cake came but once a year and, by jove, were we were grateful! 1986
When kids were allowed to muck about with fire in the garden, 1986


Me in my bedroom, 1989

This photo was taken in my bedroom and tells a thousand words about my life at the time, in 1989. I love the composition of this photo and it’s chilled vibe, despite what looks like, a busy background of homework and music practice. I think this was a moment of calm before the teenage rollercoaster really started kicking in. That hat!!! I loved it so much! I think I both bought and lost it in Camden Town all within a few months. I never found the same ones again so it was never replaced. Sad times. Still, life moves on…I love the simple fashion sense of this outfit. Baggy, black t-shirt (unbranded), pale blue mum jeans, rolled up, two-tone Converse hi-tops, a ‘silver’ pendent on a black thread and, of course the black, almost bowler-style hat, which I have retrospectively re-discovered were a big thing in the mid-to-late ’80s. I had forgotten where the influence came from, but I have Just Seventeen magazines which pretty much prove where! (Evidence coming soon).

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