30 Years Ago vs Present Day: 1990 vs 2020

30 Years Ago vs Present Day: 1990 vs 2020

30 Year Time Hop, 1990-2020

My daughter (centre) and I (right) recreated this 30 year old photo! The original photo (left) was taken on a family Holiday in France. That’s me now in 2020. I still love the checked shirt and jeans life and recently realised that I was basically wearing the same outfit 30 years ago! 😬 So, why not celebrate this iconic look, we thought.

I remember loving that second-hand checked shirt and Converse look! Although what was that lilac t-shirt? Those Converse were freebies from a shop refurb, from a friend’s relative, and were 1 and 1/2 sizes too big but I didn’t care! I couldn’t believe my luck in getting some free suede grey Converse hi tops 😁.

My daughter, Amelia (@4melia.rose on Instagram), loves ’90s fashion. But I don’t know how she is more me than me in this picture!

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